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Martin Herfurt

Martin Herfurt is the founder of the He completed his Telecommunications Engineering Degree at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in 2001.
Alongside his study Martin was involved in numerous industry projects, providing him with commercial programming practice. In 2000 Martin followed up his formal study with a four-month internship at the telecommunications institute of TELCOT institute in San Ramon, California, USA.
Since the second half of 2000 Martin has been working as a full time researcher at an Austrian Research facility. His project responsibilities there were ranging from the co-ordination of a European IST project with a total budget of over 5 million Euro to software agents development. Together with a colleague, Martin began giving a class on mobile data services at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in the summer of 2003.
In February 2004, Martin discovered a major security loophole in several popular cellphones which is referred to as BlueBug in the media. As part of his fascination with the rapid development in computer programming Martin has become a regular participant in the Chaos Communication Congress which is a yearly meeting of the German hacker association CCC.

Martin Herfurt is member of the Bluetooth SIG Security Experts Group.


Contact Martin via <martin (at)>

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