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The antennas of which the building instructions are linked below are all operating in the 2.4GHz Spectrum which is used for Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n), Bluetooth and ZigBee.

Helical Antenna
Dish Antenna - Modify an Analogue Sky TV Offset Fed Dish for AO-40 S-Band (with helical exciter)
Dish Antenna - Giquad feed for Primestar dish (with quad exciter)
Dish Antenna - Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as a Wireless Networking Antenna (with waveguide exciter)
Omni Antenna - A Vertical Collinear Antenna for 802.11 Applications
Omni Antenna - Easy Homemade Omni Antenna
Mobile Omni Antenna - A prototype antenna for mobile use
Quad Antenna - An easy to build, compact antenna for wireless lan applications
Quad Antenna - Simple double-quad
Waveguide Antenna - Wlan antenna Waveguide type (Pringles)
Short Backfire Antenna - Wlan antenna Do-It-Yourself
Short Backfire Antenna - Short Backfire Antenna by Carl Rabe
Short Backfire Antenna - For those who like hand-drawn sketches
Yagi Antenna - MicroTVAerial
Yagi Antenna - Cantenna yagi design for wireless application (Pringles)
The Weber grill antenna - Collin's instructions on how to build a 2.4GHz antenna from grill equipment

Bluetooth Security

Besides the information you find on the trifinite.stuff pages, you find links to other organizations that provide information on Bluetooth security. Feel omitted? Send us a mail. - various information on bluetooth security
@stake - The makers of tools like redfang
Pentest - The first ones to modify a Bluetooth dongle
The Shmoo Group - cool stuff for wireless experiments (airsnort, airsnarf,....) - Collin Mulliner's pages (toys for palm, bluetooth device database...)
flexilis - Makers of the Bluesniper antenna and partners for the long-distance-snarf - Mike Outmesguine's blog (Mike wrote a cool book and participated the long-distance-snarf) - Max Moser's very comprehensive site on security issues - MobiBug Security Mailing List



BlueZ Talks - slides of the talks related to the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack (which is maintained by Marcel)

Java - the harmony of mobile development (J2ME/JSR-82 code samples) - good source for information on Bluetooth and J2ME (and other mobile things)

JSR-82 Implementations

An Alliance in the Java Community Process has specified an API that allows the usage of Bluetooth Radios from Java application. This specification of tbe Bluetooth specification is filed under Java Specification Request # 82 (jsr-82) on the jcp website. In order to allow a Java application to access resources outside the famous sandbox, there has to be native code that implements this functionality. Here is a list of some projects that provide implementations for jsr-82 on different platforms.

rococo - free for non-commercial use [for Linux]
AvetanaBluetooth - different licensing [for Mac OS, Windows and Linux]
Blue Cove - free (LGPL) [for Windows XP]


Blueserker - Berserk about Bluetooth
the bluetooth car weblog - all about cars with bluetooth connectivity
Engadget - Gadget news
Jeremy Wagstaff's LOOSE wire - news about wireless technology
Gizmo: Wearable Electronics

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