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This site is sponsored
by IT-Wachdienst. is a non-profit organisation that hosts information related to the activities and projects of the

The was also founded in August 2004 and is a loosely coupled group of computer experts that spend their free time for doing research in wireless communications and related areas. Research projects that are carried out can be found in the trifinite.stuff section, have non-commercial intensions and should therefore remain free.

Bluetooth Security Vulnerabilities and Bluetooth Projects

The trifinite.stuff section lists and explains most of the Bluetooth security flaws that we were able to identify so far. This section is extended on a regular basis. Every time when we discover an issue, we inform the community and interested audience about it.

Testing, Training and Consulting

Our mission to help manufacturers developing secure Bluetooth-enabled products manifested in a project called trust stands for trifinite unified security testing. trust is the roof of our activities that help to establish trust to the Bluetooth Wireless Technology again.

Per se, there is 'almost' nothing to be worried about when using Bluetooth. It is just the poor implementaion of the software done by some manufacturers.

We offer testing services, training services and auditing software to manufacturers and security companies briefing them in the latest issues and showing them how to get around these issues.

Tools and Slides

The slides of the talks we have given at several security conferences and Bluetooth security auditing tools are available in the trifinite.downloads section. If you are using information provided on this site, please make sure to fully credit the Thanks.

News and Updates

The is a weblog where members of the post news and things that are worth being published. On the we try to post information as it happens. If you are using a RSS-reader you can import this blog and easily stay informed about our activities in the Bluetooth security area. The latest addition to this are our trifinite.lists which are mailing lists that everybody is invited to subscribe to.

Your Contribution

If you seriously like what you see on this site, then please feel free to do a trifinite.donation. Donations help us covering the costs for the hosting of this site, getting hardware and other stuff we need for development and would also help us covering the travel expenses when presenting at non-commercial conferences.

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