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RFIDIOt is a python library for manipulating RFID devices. It provides support for external (currently Compact Flash/USB/Serial) readers, and functions are provided for standard operations such as READ, WRITE, DEBIT, LOGIN etc. Supported standards are ISO 14443A and ISO14443B in the 13.56MHz band, and devices include all MIFARE types, SLE 55Rxx, SLE 66CL160S, SLE 66CLX320P, SR176, SRIX4K, Jewel Tag (IRT0302B11 KSW DIY Eng. Sample), Sharp B, ASK GTML2ISO, TOSMART P064. Support for Smartcards and other RFID operating frequencies and standards are in the pipeline.


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People Involved

For questions about RFIDIOt, feel free to ask Adam Laurie.

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