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trust stands for trifinite unified security testing and represents one of our main goals: to help manufacturers developing devices without Bluetooth security flaws.

What we offer is three kinds of services: testing, training and toools


We provide device testing at the Bluetooth SIG UnPlugFests for every participant. We provide device testing for individual companies on site and if you give us Bluetooth devices, we will provide you free feedback.

If you are interested in testing services, send an email to <testing (at)>


We provide training and show you how to use Linux in order to audit Bluetooth devices.

If you are interested in Bluetooth auditing trainings, send an email to <training (at)>


We provide tools that help you testing your Bluetooth devices against a predefined set of attacks. Most of these attacks are also explained in the trifinite.stuff section.

Blooover - The Bluetooth Hoover
A mobile Java-based auditing solution for phone platforms. This application allows the user to audit phones from a phone. A new version of the Blooover tool (Blooover II) is planned to be released in the end of 2005.

People Involved

The project is driven by Adam Laurie, Marcel Holtmann or Martin Herfurt. Don't hesitate to give us feedback.


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